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Bike Rental – Where to Rent Bicycles in Reykjavik

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Renting a Bike in ReykjavikReykjavik, the capital of Iceland, is located on the southern shore of Faxafloi Bay. Reykjavik is home to over 120,000 people. It is believed to be Iceland’s oldest permanent settlement and also considered the largest city in the country as well. With its lush mountains, lakes, valleys and beaches, Reykjavik is surrounded by awesome outdoor activities, and there’s no better way to experience massive fun than exploring the city by bike. The city of Reykjavik and surrounding areas are very famous for bike hire. Renting a bike from any of the rental companies in the city helps you take the beaten tracks to some of the most incredible sights in Reykjavik. You can decide to join in with free tours or explore the city on your own.

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On a budget? Looking for some outdoor activities? Cycling is your choice!

Budget travelers in Reykjavik choose to rent a bike, because public transport and car hire are considered to be quite expensive. Here you will find a wide range of city bikes on visiting any of the bike rental companies. In Reykjavik, you will find a lot of cycling routes leading you to some of the major tourist attractions. For the fact that the city is relatively small, a bike tour will just be the best option to seeing most of these attractions in a day. If you would like to have a little refreshment while riding your bike along these cycle routes, there are loads of restaurants and bars along the way where you can sample delectable dishes and enjoy exotic drinks. On renting a bike, tourists will be provided with safety helmets, spare tube, water bottles, maps and locks. Be sure to have the energy and enthusiasm to carry you through exploring the beautiful landscape and spectacular scenery of Reykjavik. The best time for a bike tour around Reykjavik is in the early mornings or at night.

Bike rentals and companies in Reykjavik offer guided tours, fully equipped and quality bikes in several shapes and sizes, and affords you the chance to get closer to nature. No visit to Reykjavik is complete without traveling along its coastline by bike.

Tips for Renting a Bike in Reykjavik

There’s more to renting a bike in Reykjavik than opting for any rental company you find online. Here are some valuable tips to consider for a stress-free bike rental experience.

Plan Ahead of time

It is advisable to carry out research on some of the most reliable and credible bike rentals companies in Reykjavik before you arrive. There are several rental companies in Reykjavik from which you can chose from. Spending much time researching will help you choose the bike rental company that best suits your need.

Choose the perfect bike

You need to make sure the bike chosen is the right one for you. For those with very little experience, it is advisable to rent a fully automatic bike rather than opting for the one on which you have to start changing gears. Driving in Reykjavik is quite different from driving back home. Learn to put a limit on your speed levels. As a visitor, you may not know the exact spots on the roads with potholes, so over speeding may lead you into one of the several potholes on some Reykjavik roads. Remember, potholes have claimed lots of lives, don’t be one of them.

Size of your bike

One of the important factors to consider before renting a bike is its size. So whenever you’re thinking of renting a bike for your Reykjavik tour, opt for a bike that fits you perfectly. Some people are of the opinion that riding a bike is always hard on the knees, but the fact is that, renting a bike that doesn’t fit you correctly is always hard on the knees. It is therefore important to know the bike size that fits you perfectly.

Guided Tours

So many bike rental companies in Reykjavik also offer guided tours. Taking a guided bike tour is very important especially in areas where they lack good cycling infrastructure. You will be able to cover some of the most incredible places the city has to offer in a short period, and with the perfect tour guide, you will feel relatively safe.


Some bike rental business offer their customers a map with an ideal route. There are instances when the places you would like to visit aren’t on the map. It would be quite difficult getting around the city on bike. However, there are some bike rental companies that offers custom route planning for their guest. This can only be done on request at an extra cost.

Before renting a bike in Reykjavik, you should check for existing damage or scratches. Exploring Reykjavik on bike can be a fun and memorable way of experiencing the amazing activities and natural beauty the city has to offer. Renting a bike takes you to the places an average tourist cannot see.

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