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Geysir Tours – See Strokkur and other geysirs!

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Strokkur & Geysir ToursGeysir is one of the earth’s natural wonders in Europe. Geysir has its location in Haukadalur valley and just lies on the slope of Laugarfjall hill in Iceland. A geyser is a phenomenon which describes a spring that discharges hot water and steam. Great Geysir still maintains its position as the biggest geyser in Iceland and the world, with the second biggest geyser being the Strokkur geyser found just 400 metres south of the Geysir.

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In the year 1294, the first geyser (Great Geysir) was recorded in Iceland after an occurrence of series of earthquakes caused by the disturbing eruption of mount Hekla which changed the landscape of the neighbouring valley causing the formation of new hot springs in the area. Generally, geysers are activated by earthquakes and are almost dormant in the absence of one. In 1935, a means of stimulating the discharge from the geyser was devised, which is done by digging a path through the rim (silica) close to the geyser vent, thereby reducing the water table causing a reappearance of an eruption after one has gone off. This method was soon failing because of the silica that covered up the path dug. This led to the use of Soap to clear up the silica ditch but this was only done on special occasions because of the environmental hazard silica and soap could cause. On special occasions like the Icelandic national day, authorized geologist stimulate eruption from the geysers. The Great Geysir is not as active compared to the Strokkur geyser. Of recent, it occurs on the average of three times a day with the absence of stimulation. The height of the eruption of the Geysir is about 200ft (60m).

Strokkur geyser on the other hand is the second largest geyser in the whole of Iceland. Located close to the famous Geysir, in the Haukadalur valley, Strokkur geyser is one of the most active geysers in the world today with an eruption that occurs every 5-10 minutes which can reach a height of 15-20m at a velocity of 64km/h.

Strokkur geyser was first recorded in the year 1768 after it was activated by an earthquake just like the Geysir. Some many years after, the plumbing system of the geyser was blocked before it was cleaned up in 1963 and has since been working. It was formerly bought by a private individual, James Craigm who fenced round the geyser site and collected fees for entry. Government then reclaimed it not too long after and made entry into the site free again for all. Before an eruption occurs at the Strokkur geyser, the pool of water forms a steady “up and down movement”. This forms a steam that pushes a large bubble which then burst out of the pool upwards into the sky. After some time the pool may become empty but gets filled up back by water rollbacks and also water coming from beneath the pool.

Both Geysir and Strokkur geyser are currently owned by the government of Iceland and are also part of the Golden Circle tour that takes tourists to number of sites in Iceland. If you love the experience nature at its bests, booking a tour to these two geysers definitely won’t be a bad idea.

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