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Harpa – Breathtaking Concert Hall in Reykjavik

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Hapra Concert HallHarpa is the latest addition to the cultural scene of Iceland and Europe. Harpa, the Reykjavik Concert Hall and Conference Centre was designed by Henning Larsen Architects, a Danish firm in co-operation with Olafur Eliasson, a renowned Icelandic artist. Located by the old harbor in Reykjavik, Harpa is a magnificent landmark and among the top attractions in the city that’s worth visiting. The building is beautifully designed to reflect the vibrant life of the city. Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre has four spectacular halls, the largest of them can accommodate over 1700 people at a time. Home to the prestigious Icelandic Opera and the stunning Iceland Symphony Orchestra, the building also has small-sized meeting rooms equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for events and occasions.

Harpa is among the most popoular attractions in Reykjavik that is much admired by people all over the world, because it is becoming one of the places in the world for hosting several international events and conferences. With its countless number of fascinating concert halls, Harpa is a place to catch an astounding view of a wide range of local and international performances ranging from classical to contemporary.

Having won the much-admired Mies Van der Rohe award for architecture, Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre has two exotic restaurants which are the Munnharpan, an amazing café where you can enjoy Danish and French cuisine, great tasting coffee and snacks as well as pre-concert drinks; and the Kolabrautin, where you will be treated to a fine dining experience and also catch stunning views of the city due to its strategic location on the 4th level. The building also has two exclusive shops on the first level: Epal, where you can buy top quality gift items and Nordic design, and 12 Tonar that features an amazing collection of Icelandic music.

The building is made of a steel framework covered with Panes of clear and colour-coated glass. Due to the financial crisis in the early 2000’s, the building, formerly known as World Trade Center Reykjavik, could not be completed. Since there were no available funds for the project, the government took it upon themselves to carry on with the completion of the half built concert hall in 2008. The name, Reykjavík Concert Hall and Conference Centre was given to the building on the Day of Icelandic Music which took place on the 11th day of December in the year 2009. Harpa prides itself as Reykjavik’s first purpose-built concert hall.

Opened to the public in May, 2011, Harpa Conceert Hall and Conference Centre is managed by Portus, a government owned company in Iceland. The building forms part of a redevelopment project in Reykjavik known as the East Harbour Project. The major aim of the project is to expand the eastern harbour of Reykjavik with a hotel, educational institutions, a new downtown plaza, residential buildings, a shopping street and mixed industry.
The continuously changing scenery makes the building appear in a never-ending variation of colours. Harpa is fast becoming a major draw for toursits and a significant icon in Reykjavik.

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