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Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

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Jökulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

Jökulsárlón is one of the top tourist destinations in Iceland and for a good reason. Located 123km away from Kirkjubaejarklaustur and 400 km away from Reykjavik, Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon is a beautiful and serene place to visit whenever you are in Iceland. Renowned for creating a beautiful canvas for the Northern Lights, Jokulsarlon is considered one of the most spectacular natural jewels in the country. The lagoon itself measures about 20 kilometer square. Massive-sized ice breaks off from the glacier tongue annually, giving the lagoon a new shape and filling it with stunning icebergs.

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The lagoon started forming around 1934 and has since been increasing in size annually caused by quick melting glaciers in the country. The lagoon, which is about 200 meters deep currently, contains a mixture of salt and freshwater due to its closeness to the sea. Here you will find a large number of seals during the winter months as well as several species of fishes including trot, krill, salmon and herring. The lagoon is also home to a lot of beautiful birds. If you would like to enjoy the natural ice sculptures, the best time to visit the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon is from the months of May to September. During this periods, the weather is milder, making it is easier and more convenient to take a boat trip among the floating ice berg while enjoying stunning views and wonderful color of the ice. These ice-bergs come in a wide variety of colors created by the reflection of lights on it. Some can be ash-striped, others blue, and the sparkling white.

Due to its serenity and natural beauty, Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon has featured as a movie and commercial shooting location in several Hollywood movies including Tomb Raider”, “Batman Begins”, and two James Bond movies, “A View to a Kill”, and “Die Another Day” as well as Amazing Race, the reality TV series.

The lagoon has been existing for over 1200 years now and it offers a feeling of awesome serenity. The best way to experience the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon is to book a scenic boat tour. This place is very popular amongst photographers because of its beautiful scenery. So, it is highly recommended to bring your camera along with you. There are lots of credible and reliable tour operators in Iceland that offer boat tours on the lagoon. Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon prides itself as the deepest lake in Iceland. Here you will catch spectacular views of the ice-cap.

For a chance to get up close and personal with the ice-bergs, a boat trip to the Jokulsarlon is must
Travelers can catch spectacular views of the glaciers from Highway 1, which lies between Höfn and Skaftafell. One of its major attractions for visitors is the tongue of the Breiðamerkurjökull. Many regard the lagoon as the most picturesque scenery you can find on the southern part of Iceland, while others consider it to be the most popular natural wonders of the country. Do not miss out on taking a boat trip to this beautiful place when on vacation in Iceland.

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