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Nightlife in Reykjavik

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Bars & Nightlife in ReykjavikReykjavík is the largest and capital city of Iceland, and also voted as the greenest city in the world by Grist Magazine. There are loads of exotic restaurants, excellent shopping and endless coffee shops in Reykjavik. This beautiful city is well known for its vibrant nightlife. Here, the nightlife usually starts around 12 am, and can go on and on until the early hours of the morning. At night, most of the cafés become bars. The best time to visit Reykjavik is during summer when the nights are brighter, and allows you to party and have fun until six in the morning.

One reason that makes the nightlife in this great city one of the best in the world is that the surrounding areas have just few venues. During weekends, lots of people come into Reykjavik to enjoy its active nightlife. It is usually overcrowded, especially on weekends. Reykjavik is a small city with few places to visit. It is a place where bars and clubs are within walking distances. Most of these bars can be found within Laugavegur, which is regarded as the main shopping street.

Best Bars and Clubs – Check These Out!

During weekdays, all the bars stop serving drinks and closes at about 1am. Just like in most countries, the weekends are when the nightlife starts. Here is a list of some of the best bars and clubs where you can have the best of fun in Reykjavík.


This is one of the most popular bars in Reykjavik. Co-owned by the singer of Blur, the bar has been featured in one of the city’s most popular movie known as 101 Reykjavik. Kaffibarinn is, for most times, filled with people and also a place of fun for hipsters and musicians. Here, you can listen to all kinds of great music including alternative and electro pop music. You’ll definitely love the music and enjoy the scene. During the day, it’s a cool coffee shop, but at night, it gets so busy when it turns into a bar. Some of the drinks worth trying include Topas and Reyka.


This is one of the newest bars in Reykjavik, but has established itself as one of the best venues for captivating live music and great DJ’s. It is also growing in size with 2 rooms on the ground floor and a pool table, live bands on the top floor and yet to be completed backyard. There are also several lovely things to do including playing football in their court yard. On weekends, especially Sunday nights, you have the opportunity of enjoying their amazing houseband playing jazz free of charge. At Faktorý, you can enjoy various kinds of music including oldies, samba nights, reggae, electro, pop and much more.

Club Kiki

Club Kiki, the newest gay club in town, offers great music. Located at Laugavegur 22, a place well known to have housed loads of gay bars over the years. It is usually open on Fridays and Saturdays from 11pm. Kiki offers a friendly gay crowd and a pleasant atmosphere while playing top disco, pop and other ‘gay’ music.

Kex Hostel

Here, you can enjoy good music, live music events and delectable food. Kex is a hostel bar located in a biscuit factory, and for this reason, it closes earlier when compared to other bars in town. It is an amazing bar and eatery, where you can have fun and drink beer with friends.

The English Pub

This is one of the best all-round pub in Reykjavik. The English Pub is the only bar in town where you can find a big wheel of fortune that offers you the chance of winning a meter worth of beer and many other drinks. However, the English Pub is not so great for dancing, but it is a place worth visiting in the early evening or on weekdays. Kick back, relax and enjoy great tasting beer any day of the week.


This is a very popular bar with an ‘unofficial’ dress code – you can possibly wear anything that appeals to your taste to this amazing bar. Vegamót is a great café with an array of amazing food during the day, while at night, it turns into a high-class hip hop dance venue.

Kaldi Bar

This is the best place to spend the night with all your friends. Kaldi bar attracts good number of people at nights with its amazing collection of Kaldi beers. It is also a great relaxation spot.


B5 is a very popular bar in town where you can find some of the wealthiest crowd in town. It has 2 VIP lounges and a strict dress code. Here, you can enjoy great beers and top of the charts music.

Experience The Reykjavik Runtur

The word runtur, meaning round tour, is one of the best ways to enjoy fun-filled nightlife in Reykjavik. Runtur is a way to pass the time during the lovely days of summer or long, dark winter nights and it involves a lot of alcohol. In Iceland, the legal drinking age starts from 20 years old. In Reykjavik, the runtur is usually celebrated on weekends, and it is a time when revelers move from one bar to the other till the early hours of the next morning. The runtur does not start until very late in the night and it’s not hard to always hard to find a place to hang out during this period in Reykjavik. Come out on the streets, listen for the sounds of blasting club music and go into any of the clubs. To find the best spot to spend the night, look out for the place with the largest crowd. One of the best places to experience the runtur is on Laugavegur Street. This round tour promises to be a whole lot of fun.

Reykjavik is very popular vacation destination amongst tourist all over the world for its great nightlife. This city has over hundred bars and clubs and is sometimes known as “the nightlife capital of the north”. Most of the fun places especially bars are within walking distances, meaning you can easily go from one bar to another. The streets and clubs in and around Reykjavik are always filled with people and usually opens around midnight. Reykjavik is known as one of the safest places to stay in the world. Are you looking for a place with the best bars and clubs? Would you like to party all night and taste all kinds of drinks within 48 hours? If you would like to have a fun-filled and remarkable nightlife experience, a trip to Reykjavik should not be missed!

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