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Best Restaurants in Reykjavik

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Best Restaurants in Reykjavik 2015

Iceland is a country that is well-known for its traditional cuisine such as putrefied shark and pickled ram’s testicles. Your trip to Reykjavik, the nation’s capital, will be an experience of a life time especially for food lovers, as it houses some of Iceland’s best restaurants that offers delectable local and international cuisine using fresh, natural ingredients this great country is famous for! These exotic restaurants in Reykjavik are mostly staffed with celebrity chefs that serves tasty cuisine. Some of the must-try local dishes include wild game, organic lamb, fresh seafood, Icelandic pizza and hot dog, and much more. If you are looking for the perfect place to sample new Nordic cuisine, then Reykjavik is the place to be. Here is a list of the best restaurants in Reykjavik where you can get delectable local dishes with a contemporary edge.

Grill Market (Grillmarkadurinn)

The Grill Market is the latest addition to the dining scene in Reykjavik. Using fresh, natural and the finest ingredients, Grillmarkadurinn offers a great selection of lovely cuisine including basalt columns, grilled fish, lobster burgers, and much more. Its lounge area offers a collection of exotic wines and cocktails in a modern, cozy environment. Dishes are prepared and served by Iceland’s famous chefs, Gudlaugur Frimannsson and Hrefna Rosa Saetren. Situated in the heart of the city, Grillmarkadurinn is well known to offer guests with the best tasty dish with a focus on haute cuisine. Most of their produce are bought directly from local farmers. If you are looking for a thrilling and unique culinary experience, then the Grill Market is the place to be.

DILL Restaurant

Located in the Nordic House, one of the leading cultural venues in Reykjavik where you find various kinds of artworks and design, Dill restaurant is a very small, cozy restaurant that serves new Nordic cuisine. Here, you can enjoy the best of local dishes prepared with the finest ingredients. Opened in 2009, the restaurant can only take 30 guests to dine at a time. Some of the innovative recipes you can find in this lovely restaurant include a celeriac and herb cream with goat cheese, cress and lojrom caviar, as well as baked rutabaga with crispy millet and cheese foam. Take time out to taste some of the dishes on its menu for a fine dining experience.

The Laundromat Café

The Laundromat Café offers a wide variety of products such as healthy juices, coffees, and delicious desserts in a unique setting. The Laundromat Café was first established in Copenhagen in 2006 as a place where guests can meet, eat and do all sorts of activities while doing their laundry. The restaurant’s branch in Reykjavik started operation in 2011. Here, you’ll find a magnificent library where guests can relax and check out its over 6000 books in a friendly, conducive atmosphere. The Laundromat Café serves delicious dishes at affordable pricing with brunch items such as burgers and sandwiches. Here, you can also enjoy some of the best homemade chocolate cake and pancakes in the country.

MAR Restaurant

Located in Old Harbour, which is one of the Reykjavik’s vibrant quarters, MAR Restaurant is a place to taste sumptuous southern European and South American cuisine. Some of the popular dishes to try out include the mushroom risotto with pan fried lobster, the spotted catfish with wasabi and the nicely prepared beef tenderloin with truffle Madeira glaze. Mar restaurant is the coolest new eating place to have opened recently in Reykjavik.

Fish Market

Fish Market is, most certainly, the best restaurant in Reykjavik, if not the entire Iceland, where you can get top quality Icelandic cuisine. With close proximity to top attractions such as the Reykjavik Pond and the Reykjavik City Hall, the Fish Market is an outstanding seafood restaurant, situated in one of Reykjavik’s oldest city. Founded in 2007 by Hrefna Rósa Sætran, the restaurant features authentic meat, fish and sweet dishes using only the finest, natural ingredients. Their produce comes directly from fishermen and farmers, ensuring a fine dining experience for customers. Here, you can watch the chefs prepare colorful dishes from the Raw Bar. The bar offers great selection of champagne, wine, sakes and cocktails, using the freshest ingredients, premium spirits and top quality products for their cocktails. The Fish Market has been featured in world famous magazines including the Food and Wine Go List 2008 and the Condé Nast Traveler, NY times. Do not miss out on eating at one of the most distinguished restaurant in Iceland.

Torfan Restaurant

Located in a strategic place where you can combine a good number of activities with a fine dining experience, Torfan restaurant is a place to experience traditional French cuisine with a modern touch. Its interior has an amazing and eclectic ambience, yet warm and comfortable with classical ceramics and storied paintings, leather couches and white tablecloths. Experience exceptional service and world-class meal in its historic atmosphere. Torfan is the only Reykjavik restaurant that offers gourmet food prepared in a nouvelle cuisine fashion.

Fish Company – Fiskfelagid

Located within the 19th century Zimsen building, one of the city’s oldest houses, Fish Company is the latest addition to the seafood selection in Reykjavik. The restaurant’s interior is stylish but remains cozy and inviting, and the quirky furniture fits in perfectly. The menu is designed to take you on a day’s trip around the world, with delectable seafood that features themes from Fiji, Cuba, Sweden, U.S, France, Japan, Korea Ireland and much more. For the best dining experience in Reykjavik, the Fish Company is worth visiting.

Kopar Seafood Restaurant

Kopar prides itself as the only restaurant in the city that serves the Icelandic Rock Crab. Their menu is made up of various kinds of locally sourced ingredients from land and sea, guaranteeing a taste of Island in just a meal at any given time. Kopar Seafood restaurant also serves a wide range of fish including blue ling, cod and salmon, as well as the internationally known Icelandic lamb and beef. Located in the center of the city, the interior is beautifully designed with mood lighting and cozy leather seats. Kopar is a magnificent place to enjoy lunch, spend quality time in the company of good friends while catching amazing views of the picturesque old harbor.

Snaps Bistro

Situated at Odinstorg, Snaps Bistro offers a lovely Danish cuisine with close proximity to several amazing attractions including the Icelandic Opera, The National Gallery of Iceland, the National Theatre and famous nightlife locations around Reykjavik. The menu consists of regular sandwiches main courses, desserts, open sandwiches, deserts and light courses. One of the must try is the open sandwiches, which is a tasty Danish tradition. After dinner at the Snaps Bistro, you can decide to experience the vibrant nightlife of Reykjavik city.

A trip to Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavik, would be considered incomplete without visiting any of the amazing restaurants to sample some of the colorful traditional cuisines on offer. These restaurants do not only serve Icelandic dishes, but dishes from different parts of the world. For a fine dining experience whenever you are in Iceland, the best available option is to visit any of these top restaurants in Reykjavik.

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