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Ring Road – Route 1

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Route 1 - Ring Road

Ring Road, also known as Route 1, is the main highway in Iceland. The road is 830 miles long and connects most of the towns in the country including Reykjavik, the capital and most vibrant city in Iceland. Ring Road is the only road in Iceland that connects east to west. The safest time of the year to get around the country easily is during the summer months. On passing through Route 1, you will find several beautiful plateaus, lush green mountains, fjords, flat lands and several incredible attractions.

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Unlike in most European countries where the major roads are built with several lanes, Iceland’s Ring Road is a magnificent two lane road that offers scenic views all around. You can either opt for a cheap rental car or make reservations for a circle tour, as this will make your tour less expensive, easier and more convenient. For a chance to catch spectacular scenery, you should avoid taking any smaller route but only drive along the road. In Iceland, you will hardly find any tree on its roads. So when driving along Route 1 on a bright sunny day, you will find beautiful farms, fields, mountains lakes, glaciers and much more. The roads are paved with asphalt but some parts leading to the eastern part of the country are yet-to-be paved, containing hazards such as blind curves and blind summit. It is advisable for travelers to stay vigilant and be extra careful when crossing the country through this road. The Ring Road is managed and maintained by Vegagerðin, Iceland Road Administration, and are responsible for the construction of both minor roads and main roads all over the country.

The maximum speed when driving along the Ring Road is 90 km per hour (56 mph), and the recommended speed on unpaved parts of the road is 80 km per hour (50 mph). During winter, most parts of the roads are closed including Breiðdalsheiði, between Breiðdalsvík and Egilsstaðir in the eastern part of the country, but it’s usually open during spring, summer and autumn months. Reykjavik and surrounding areas experience the most traffic with no fewer than 5,000 vehicles daily, as compared to other smaller towns.

The Ring Road is renowned with tourists all around the world because it offers you the chance to see most part of the country in just a few days including several top tourist attractions. This road is a popular tour with tourists on a family vacation in Iceland, most notably during summer. If you would like to see the many interesting sights in Iceland, book a Ring Road tour. Depending on your location, you can start this clockwise tour on Ring Road from either Reykjavik or East Iceland.

There’s nothing like having a good road trip. It promises to be fun filled and exciting especially when driving past shimmering white icebergs, active volcanoes and the northern lights on Ring Road in Iceland. If you are looking for a memorable vacation experience, a road trip around this captivating country will not be disappointing.

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